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automate website enquiries to convert new leads into more customers...for less than $300 per month.

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Efficient Marketing systems: save big with Simple Sales CRM

Automate repetitive tasks, saving time and resources.

Streamlines workflows for smoother operations.

Reduces manual errors, ensuring accuracy in data management.

No contracts. No Obligations. Cancel anytime.

Improved Lead management

Automates lead capture and nurturing processes.

Qualifies leads based on predefined criteria, ensuring focus on high-potential prospects.

Enables personalised communication at scale, enhancing customer experience.

Increased Sales Productivity

Provides insights into customer behaviour and preferences.

Enables targeted marketing campaigns tailored to individual needs.

Facilitates timely follow-ups and lead tracking, maximising conversion rates.

Over 60,000 users worldwide

Why Choose iDigiteyez?

We don't just give you the tools in our marketing automation software. We build you a sales system to streamline your sales process.

Cost Savings

Hiring a full-time sales and marketing automation assistant can start from approx. $45K per year or $3.5K per month (minimum). With Simple Sales CRM, you get all the benefits for $297 per month.

Maximises return on investment (ROI) by optimising marketing spend and resource allocation.

Data-driven insights

Captures and analyses data to gain actionable insights.

Provides valuable metrics and performance indicators for informed decision-making.

Facilitates continuous optimisation of sales and marketing strategies based on real-time feedback.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Delivers personalised interactions across multiple touch points.

Provides timely and relevant communication, fostering customer loyalty.

Improves overall satisfaction through seamless interactions and efficient service delivery.

Simplifying your sales process to streamline and scale

Scales effortlessly to accomodate business expansion.

Adapts to the evolving needs of your business.

Supports data-driven decision-making for strategic growth initiatives.

Customer Reviews


Nuz Media

iDigiteyez4u is a highly innovative and exceptional service provider in the digital marketing space that offers a wide range of digital solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company is committed to delivering amazing services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Highly recommended.

George Phillips

These guys are the real deal. They understand marketing and automation. They show you just how well they know what they are doing

Godfrey Mavunga

Centre of excellence and commitment to quality services. Yoshin is great to work with. Good on you mate!!

What we offer

listening to you, and answering with software

Analytics Tools

We provide a comprehensive dashboard to track your new leads, opportunity value, conversion rates, tasks, and advertising analytics reporting on Google and Facebook (Meta).

Benchmark Business

We discover if there is a gap in performance that can be closed by improving your performance of your business.

Email marketing

We do promoting a business’s products and services, as well as incentivise customer loyalty.


We integrate with an array of softwares to combine all your essential business tools into one platform, saving you time, money, and making it easier for you to manage.

CRM Tools

We use tools that will manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

Mobile App

Includes our Mobile App that captures your new leads, helps communicate with new and existing customers, and tracks your sales data while you're on the go.

Social Management

We provide a built in marketing suite that includes a social media planner, social media calendar to schedule posts, and AI image generation technology.


We create effective ecommerce sales funnels that capture your brand and help growth in your business and achieve your goals.

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Simple Sales CRM

$297 per month

Lead capture form design and integration on sales funnel to streamline lead flow

Client intake questionnaire design and integration on sales funnel to streamline lead qualification

Calendar setup and integration on sales funnel to streamline bookings

Sales funnel design - offer page, booking page, client questionnaire page, confirmation/thank you page

Email automations - welcome email, nurture emails, and booking reminders to increase conversion rates

Sales pipeline - track the customer journey with contact cards

Technical setup - trigger links and custom values to track specific events for reporting, subdomain setup to connect sales funnel and email sending from the platform

Software integrations to track and analyse new leads from multiple sources

Social media content calendar to schedule posts across multiple social media channels

Reputation management to get more positive reviews

Payment integration to streamline invoicing and collection of payments

Customer relationship management (CRM) database

No contracts. No Obligations. Cancel anytime.

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